Thought Thread: Connect

[1] How to Become Insanely Well Connected
You might dislike networking, but relationships are key in business and life.

[2] When Schools Prioritize Art
Sir Ken Robinson of Ted Talk fame analyzes the connections made through creativity.

[3] How Leaders Create and Build Networks
I enjoy Herminia Ibarra's writing and she delivers again here.

[4] My Thoughts: New Views
I'm out of the country at the moment and it has my thinking differently.

[5] Free Sermon: Connectivity
Jesus' interactions with different groups in the book of Mark teaches us the value of people.

[6] Book Recommendation: Applied Minds
Looking at other disciplines can help us see problems in our work from a fresh perspective. Selected quotes from an interesting book here.

[7] Media Recommendation: Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement
In his most famous speech, the Apple founder discusses connecting the dots.