Episode Two: Olympic Edition

Just to clarify, I'm not a Michael Phelps fan. I love the spectacle of the Olympics, but I think that swimmers benefit from all the different events they're able to compete in. Still, I have much respect for consistency, and I think that Phelps might be one of the most disciplined athletes of our time. I hold to my hypothesis, that it was ridiculous to try to get inside Phelps' head.

It was my friend, Aaron, who introduced me to locus of control. Another tidbit that's interesting to dive into is the correlation between religious people and locus of control (this article [not an endorsement] attempts to grapple with it).

I'd encourage you, if you're interested in eliminating some bad habits or creating some good ones, to get a copy of Charles Duhigg's book. It's a fascinating read that provides a systematic approach to getting better at this thing called life.

Links if you're interested:
Shadow boxing in front of Phelps
Power of Habit on Amazon

Introduction: Why Vlog?

The intro to my vlogging experiment: three and three.

Three concepts in three minutes. Why? Let me explain.

A few years ago I met this eccentric lady who was prolific in quite a few disciplines. In a conversation one day, she told me she had a PhD. I was a little surprised, honestly, because I never suspected she was also an academic. Turns out, her dissertation subject was focused on processes. Her thesis was that you could simplify any complex task down to three steps. This is how she developed an inordinate number of talents.

A few decades ago, when preachers were taught to construct sermons, the mantra was "three points and a poem." It was intended to help make messages more memorable. After talking to the PhD lady, I wondered if there was something much deeper at work here.

Hence, three points should work out here. Now about the three minutes, that's much easier.

I sometimes struggle for to be succinct. When I talk too long, I lose people. So I needed to impose a time limit. Three minutes seemed just about right.