Thought Thread: Margins

[1] When Hustling is Harmful
Productivity is great, but what if burnout is the price?

[2] Embrace Your Incompetence 
This brief article encourages us not to ignore our shortcomings.

[3] Write in the Margins
I do not like this at all. I prefer my books to be spotless. Maybe you see things differently.

[4] The Emotions Behind our Calculations
You may think chess experts are robots. The data reveals a lot about our decision making.

[5] Free Sermon: Exposing the Margins
In the book of Mark, Jesus heals a man and teaches us about those on the fringe.

[6] Book Recommendation: Decentralized
I appreciate the unique perspective Bo Chancey brings to church work. Check out some interesting quotes from this book here.

[7] Media Recommendation: The First Priority of Leadership
Pete Scazerro helps leaders aim for emotional health. This podcast episode displays his holistic approach to leading well.