Thought Thread: Hidden

[1] Is Now the Time for Your New Idea?
Yesterday marked the halfway point of 2019. Maybe you need to do something.

[2] The Hidden Sexism of Taking Risks
Is there a difference in how men and women approach opportunity?

[3] Why Generosity is Critical to Success
If you want to get more, you most likely need to give more.

[4] Free Sermon: The Hidden Kingdom
This week's message is from Mark 4 and examines some of Jesus' parables.

[5] Book Recommendation: The Undoing Project
A friendship between two researchers revealed much about how we humans think and act. Here's a link to some quotes from the book.

[6] Media Recommendation: The Art of Misdirection
This short Ted Talk from a pickpocket shows that our attention is a limited resource.

[7] My Thoughts: Next Level Church
I didn't write this article but it covers a church with which I've been very involved. It's one of America's best churches that no one knows about.