New Views

As I write this, our family is in the midst of a two week tour of three European cities. Thanks to a massive collection of airline points and some friends with a spare bedroom, we were able to take a relatively affordable vacation across the pond.

I must admit, however, that my excitement for these adventures is always measured because of the trepidation of travel. It can be intimidating to be in a country with foreign languages, currencies, and cultures. But I’m at the point of life where I know I need to seek out these kind of opportunities to stretch my way of thinking. As much as I take hi-res pictures in these places, I’m also collecting mental photographs of locations and interactions that stretch my thinking.

Whether I acknowledge it or not, different is good.

Despite the jet lag and other oddities that accompany visiting new places, I soak it all in. We need to mess with our routines every now and then. So try a new restaurant, take a new route to the office, buy an article of clothing that isn’t really your style. Shake things up and see what you learn about yourself.