Thought Thread: Touch

[1] Be More Persuasive in Your Emails
The right touch could yield a better response.

[2] Be More Scarce
Making yourself less available might actually increase your influence.

[3] What are Masculinity Contests?
Are these efforts of machismo hurting your organization?

[4] Free Sermon: Don't Touch
A message from Mark 5 about two similar miracles

[5] Book Recommendation: Execution
A corporate look at the importance of getting things done. Here are some quotes to see if it's right for you.

[6] Media Recommendation: Why is it Important to be Touched?
Another Ted Talk for this thread, giving a glimpse into why science says touch is key.

[7] My Thoughts: Accumulating Patience
This is a piece I did almost 19 months ago on a snow day. It's perfect for mid-July.