Thought Thread: Rejection

[1] The Bias Toward Our Own Ideals
Too often we self-reject. Overcome your prejudice against yourself.

[2] My Philosophy of FaceApp
How to use a mobile app to make a life-changing experience.

[3] Is Rejection the Key to Creativity?
This article leans into my fascination with the tortured brilliance of Vincent van Gogh.

[4] When You're On the Wrong Side of History
Getting rejected really won't be as bad as people warn you.

[5] Free Sermon: Rejection
In Mark 6 we are encourage to learn that even Jesus was rejected.

[6] Book Recommendation: In Defense of Troublemakers
This book encourages us to consider if getting along with our coworkers is really the best approach to creating a vibrant organization. Click here for a selection of quotes.

[7] Media Recommendation: Rejection Therapy
What happens when you actively seek out rejection? What if you treat it like a game?