Thought Thread: Same

[1] In Praise of the Incurably Curious Leader
Go beyond the same-old-same-old to create a better you.

Why All New Apartments Look Identical
An answer to something I've recently observed in my neighborhood.

[3] What You Already Know Can Hurt You
Recognizing the Einstellung Effect could help you resolve your most difficult problems.

[4] People Who Always Eat the Same Meal
Whatever makes you happy, I guess . . .

[5] Free Sermon: The Haze of Homogeneity
Even Jesus' disciples struggled with racism. A message from the Gospel of Mark.

[6] Book Recommendation: The Evolution of Everything
In an ever changing world, understanding the bottom-up shifts before us will help us adapt to future opportunities. Here are some quotes from the book.

[7] Media Recommendation: Why Wear the Same Thing Everyday
This start-up founder made a 90 day experiment out of wearing the same outfit everyday.