Thought Thread: Expect

[1] How Random Are You?
This is a terrific link. An interesting game/experiment reveals you're not that random.

[2] Improve Your Sales Skills Even If You're Not A Salesman
No matter what your industry, you need to sell your ideas.

[3] Adapt to Work in a Digital Age
Learn how to navigate the ever-changing landscape of employment.

[4] My Thoughts: The Value of Realistic Expectations
I consider my soccer fandom and why I shouldn't get angry.

[5] Free Sermon: What to Expect
In Mark 8, Jesus shatters the expectations of his followers.

[6] Book Recommendation: The New Urban Crisis
As our world becomes increasingly urban, we need an honest analysis of what's happening with cities. Some of my favorite quotes here.

[7] Media Recommendation: The Power of Expectations
This short NPR animation shows how belief in smart rats explains our prejudices.