Thought Thread: Isolation

[1] How to Talk to People
NPR's Terry Gross is a gifted interviewer. Here are 8 tips for better conversations.

[2] Public Speaking: the Key to Success in Any Field
You can't hide it. Persuasion and storytelling are now "must-have" skills for work.

[3] Incubation, Ideation, and Editing: Beethoven's Creativity
Despite being deaf, Beethoven mastered the art of composing. Good lessons here.

[4] My Thoughts: The Fortification of the Restoration Movement
The final of a three-part series in the Christian Standard, reworked from my Forces series.

[5] Free Sermon: Isolation is Meaningless (Ecclesiastes 4)
The book of Ecclesiastes provides more insight into making sense of the world.

[6] Book Recommendation: Linchpin
Yet another short but power-packed read by Seth Godin. You need to read some selected quotes and you'll read it.

[7] Media Recommendation: The Innovation of Loneliness
This infographic video makes a strong case as to why social media is actually isolating us.

Photo by Iswanto Arif on Unsplash