Thought Thread: Honest

[1] How Coffee Makes You More Honest
I will always promote studies that justify my caffeine addiction.

[2] Different Kinds of Stupid
If we're being honest, if there are different kinds of smart . . .

[3] The Secret to Organizational Change is Empathy
Allowing people to honestly grapple with their feelings can be empowering. 

[4] My Thoughts: Soccer Will Soon Become America's Favorite Sport
This hot-take is pure subjectivity, but I stand by it.

[5] Free Sermon: Honest Words (Ecclesiastes 5)
The latest message from a series on Ecclesiastes endorses transparent language.

[6] Book Recommendation: To Sell Is Human
I recommend this Daniel Pink book to practically everyone. These quotes will help you get a sense of why I enjoy it. 

[7] Media Recommendation: If Coffee Commercials Were Honest
Tying a bow on this thread by being honest about my caffeine addiction.

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash