Thought Thread: If

[1] The Art of Decision Making
Our decisions reflect who we want to be. 

[2] Seeing Theory
This interactive site is a terrific visual introduction to probability and statistics.

[3] Asking Instead of Telling
Why our curiosity is muted when we default to lecturing. Questions are important.

[4] Choose Your Own Adventure
These 1980's kids books were popular. This breakdown of the phenomenon is fascinating.

[5] Free Sermon: If
When reading Mark 9 we discover the power of this two-letter word.

[6] Book Recommendation: The Investor's Paradox
Our world is full of choices. This book on money management provides advice on how to navigate a myriad of options. Here are some selected quotes.

[7] My [Wife's] Thoughts: We All Have A Story
This article about a young Purdue fan battling cancer is heart-wrenching but uplifting.