Thought Thread: Pleasure

[1] Why is Disneyworld Stressful?
Understand the impact of cognitive load in your life.

[2] Why it is Impossible to Always Be Happy
Plus, investigate the idea of a brain palate-cleanser.

[3] Are Pop Lyrics Getting More Repetitive?
Are pop lyrics getting more repetitive?

[4] A Guide To Happy
This animated video displays the connection between hormones and happiness.

[5] Free Sermon: My Pleasure
The Chic-fli-A go-to phrase introduces two interactions Jesus had in Mark 10.

[6] Book Recommendation: Born Standing Up
I've always appreciated comedian Steve Martin. His reflection on his path to fame is compelling. Here are a few quotes for you to chew on.

[7] My Thoughts: An Urban Conversation
An article I wrote 11 years ago about a group of city ministry workers imagining the future.