Dream Job

Stick with me here: story and lesson learnt to follow. I'd say we're huge sports fans. I mean, you have to be to watch the All-Star game, right? But in our household, as a result of my wife's rearing, college basketball reigns supreme. I'm not fanatical enough to know all the new recruits to my favorite program. I am, however, always interested in keeping up-to-date on what the team will look like next year.

So I had a good time last night as I went with my neighbor to check out the Deveroes Summer League up at Woodward High School; it's where all the local college players play off-season ball. And my neighbor just happens to cover Xavier basketball for the Enquirer so it was cool opportunity to get some additional insight about some new recruits as well as inquire about the chances for the local teams for the upcoming season. Although there are times that his job looks freakin' awesome and I get insanely jealous, last night helped me realize that there's crap that can offset the cool.

Example: Dustin had to correct something for an article while he was at the game so he stepped out to make a phone call. A Xavier fan recognized him, cornered him [literally], and tried to grill him for info. The fan didn't seem to mind that he was on the phone trying to do his job.

Later, he admitted to me that it happens all the time. When I saw that it was some old codger I suggested that he toss a few Viagra pills on the ground as a way of luring him away.

So good lesson for me last night. Not about Viagra, mind you, but about my present employment. I always thought a sports gig would rock, but I observed last night that even the best jobs can suck at times. I'm extremely happy doing what I do and, even when shown the alternatives, am still feeling good about the career path I chose. But free admission and front row access to major sporting events would be . . . um . . . very nice.

Maybe if I started a church specifically for athletic superstars . . .