Echo Church: The UN-Church

At least according to the pope. Does it bother me that the Pope felt the need to reiterate that the rest of us are just faking it because the RC Church is the only true church?

Not really.

If I were him, I'd be more concerned about taking care of things on the home-front. Recently, a trend has emerged of Protestants converting to Catholicism. But I highly doubt that these people, who are perhaps seeking more liturgy and tradition from their church, intend on fully submitting to Rome. Additionally, I know many Catholics who strongly oppose the Church's teachings. This is where the RC Church is losing its footing.

I find it interesting that in the same document, the Pope desires to revive the old Latin mass. Vatican 2 permitted it to be translated into the native tongue but Benedict states that doesn't mean the Latin should be abolished. Not quite sure if that will affect local parishes, however, it's rather fascinating.

Regardless, we'll still have church [or whatever you prefer to call it] this Sunday night at 6:30.