Speaking of Viagra . . .

. . . as I typed the word twice in my previous post, I guess I subconsciously dropped the reference because I spent three-plus hours tonight talking about sex. My current class at Xavier is about sexuality and Biblical interpretation.  This means that we end up discussing a whole spectrum of issues that leave me feeling a tad icky by the end of the night. Although I've preached many times about sexual issues, it's still an embarrassing topic of discussion for me. Contrary to what you may think, we didn't sit around the dinner table in the days of my youth doing Bible studies on Ezekiel 23 [admit it, you looked]. One of my textbooks has pictures of ancient p0rn in it. Kinda creepy. For some reason my internet filter isn't blocking it.

And, no, I didn't choose this course-- it's the only one being offered right now for my program. But don't get all judgmental on me because it's in the Bible, so suck it.

On second thought, forget I even wrote this.