Kicking Themselves

With six games remaining, the Reds are just three and a half games out of first place and a chance to make the post-season. It's hilarious that the Reds [two games under .500] aren't yet eliminated while the defending World Champions [seventeen games over .500] are. A look back at the season of what could've been: David Weathers' seven blown saves, a 2 for 8 West Coast roadtrip, swept at home by the White Sox and Dodgers. This was a season ripe with possibilities and they let them get away. At the beginning of the season I claimed that if this team could go 82-82 it would be a success. The team raised my hopes and then crushed them. Too bad the Bengals have left them in the dust. Now the Reds are known for the city's play-off drought.

Go get 'em next year, Mr Castellini. Pick us a winner.