• Last week sucked. No way to really explain it. Couldn't have been worse. Maybe I'll write about it sometime. Anyway . . .
  • Sunday started off a brand new week and it's already looking up. A [predicted] Bengals victory [win ugly, boys], a great gathering and fellowship time last night- this week will be much better. I can feel it.
  • The little girl was awesome today. She was loving life. All smiles makes me smile.
  • We took a walk this afternoon. It was absolute beauty. It's well known that fall is my favorite season. Eden Park is a great venue from which to view the autumnal transformation.
  • Despite all that goodness to go around, I was rude to the wife twice today. Not my finest moments. Sometimes I wonder if I'm going crazy, then I realize I'm just human. Won't let that get me down though. Thanks for loving me, Kel.
  • We're finally going to get the DVR this week so TV viewing will become much more convenient. Until then, ready to cue up the favorite fall shows [in particular order]: The Office, How I Met Your Mother, Studio 60, Survivor, The Amazing Race.
  • I love life, even when I'm not good at it.