Backpack! Backpack!*

Something I forgot to mention months ago: Want to get organized? All about "to-do" lists? Want the ability to view your list on any computer?

Your time has come.

Backpack is a free app that allows you to easily keep track of multiple "to-do" lists online. It's free, though you can upgrade to a better account. It's good stuff. I used it multiple times a day while preparing for our relaunch. It was an awesome tool.

Take it one step further: working on a team project where members need to collaberate about certain tasks? Make a backpack account, give all the team access, and get 'er done. Me likes it a lot.

I'm not a big "Getting Things Done" guy, but if you like tips like this, you should check out Bob Hyatt's Pastor Hacks. It's helped me with many a useful application.

*I'm pretty sure that's from Dora the Explorer. Not quite sure because we don't have Kaelyn addicted to cartoons yet. Dora and I will have a great time teaching her [and her mother] Spanish.