Convicts verses Catholics

This is the one night of the year I root against Xavier.

I'm not one of those University of Cincinnati fans that's intimidated by the crosstown rival. I like Xavier, but UC is my team. I just mapped the distance between our condo and both schools and they're equidistant; we're 2.5 from both UC and XU. I know I'm a dork for just looking that up, but I was curious.

The good thing about this UC season is I'm not as anxious as I usually get. They're basically playing with the five starters. With the loss of Huggins and all the players [the Kirkland loss was a killer] I'm just glad if they do anything. A NCAA tournament birth would be a huge victory. Through thick and thin, they're still my team no matter what President Zimpher does to try to wreck it.

Bearcats have a seven point halftime lead. If they come out strong the first few minutes of the second half, I give 'em the "W."

We shall see . . .