Skyline Time!

Ate at Skyline tonight. Now that's living.

As a baby, I think I was transitioned from bottled milk straight to Skyline Chili. Living in the Cincinnati, keys to survival are oxygen, water, and Skyline. For those of you not from the area, Skyline Chili isn't like regular chili. It's a thinner consistency, having a hint of chocolate and cinnamon, and it's definitely an acquired taste. It's unique to the 'Nati, as Kelly's Elvis even asked about it. By the way, eating Gold Star feels like committing adultery.

I try to eat Skyline once a week, though I'm off that schedule since moving downtown. I've eaten in most of the restaurants in the greater Cincinnati area. My favorite location is the original in Price Hill [although they tore down the old building and moved the place down the street]. The one who serves the best chili is the Mason franchise; they never skimp on the portions.

So how can you make the Skyline experience even better? Habanero Cheese, baby! Sure it sets your mouth on fire, but it's well worth it. It's only for a limited time, so you gotta get it while it lasts.

And if you're from out of town and have never tried Skyline, it's well worth the trip our city. Fly into CVG and there's one in nearby Florence, Kentucky.

Can't wait to sneak some Skyline into the baby girl's bottle.