This Used To Be My Playground

I ask forgiveness for using a Madonna song as the title to this post, but it was what came to me. I am what I am, so what else can I be?

I had some errands to run this morning and was excited at the opportunity to get out and about. Working the first five-day week at "the home office" was good, but it's a little too quiet around there. I like to be around people. So my plan was to finish the errands and get some work done at Panera.

Yes, the Panera where I used to work.

It's a strange feeling walking into the place your old place of employment; you see everything from a different perspective, and aren't quite sure how to act. Right when I walked in the store phone rang and I felt the impulse to answer it. It was nice to know that it wasn't my problem. There are a few new employees but still quite a people I know. They were excited to see me and wanted to catch up on life. Actually, they told me they wished I was still working there as some of the new hires weren't working out.

I got a couple bagels and went to sit down and employees came up wanting to talk to me. After awhile I pulled the laptop out, hoping to send a message but the message failed. I ended up talking the whole time I was there. Not exactly what I planned, but it was a good time. It always feels good to be missed. I'm not quite sure what God was doing during my time at Panera, but maybe it was to reach out to the people I worked with. Hopefully I'll figure it out someday.

I really love people. I'd prefer to be around people I dislike than no people at all. That's why ministry is the perfect profession for me. God cares about people and needs someone to relay the message. Who better than a schlep like me? Sure, I have a lot I'm still working on with myself, but I like people.

I know I've quoted this before, but the late sportswriter Dick Schaap said, “often I am asked what my favorite sport is, and I always say ‘people.’ I collect people.” Good answer.

So I'm making sure that I don't hide at the home office but get out and about to meet people.

*Madonna is a person. Does that justify the title?