Seeing Reds

Game three of the World Series is tonight with The White Sox heading into Houston with a three game lead. It was fifteen years ago that another team went on the road with a two game lead in the World Series. The Cincinnati Reds ended up sweeping the Oakland A's in four games. ESPN Classic is showing a recap of the 1990 series right now. As I watch it, random thoughts are entering my head, such as . . .

Who was Billy Bates? Little Billy scored the winning run in game two of that series, after only having something like three at bats the entire season. I remember watching him earlier that season race a cheetah before a game. I guess that kind of cross-training helped.

McGwire definitely did steroids. They just did an interview with him and I swear that I currently have McGwire's pre-roid physique.

Glenn Braggs was a horse. In game four, he broke a bat swinging as it shattered over his back.

Every man in Oakland had a mullet in 1990. And so did half the women. All hail the Mississippi Mud Flap.

How cool were the Nasty Boys? Cincinnati's bullpen of Rob Dibble, Norm Charlton and Randy Myers shut everyone down that season. "My name's not baby, it's Janet. Miss Jackson if you're . . .

I still don't miss Riverfront Stadium. The worst thing about remembering that World Series is having to envision that stinkin' astroturf.

I admit: I wanted a pair of Chris Sabo glasses. There were cool . . . in 1990.

I remember standing in my living room along with my dad and brothers watching Todd Benzinger catch the final out of that series. Maybe someday my child will get to see the Reds win a World Series. Or maybe I'll just have to reminisce about 1990 for them. Spend some more money, Mr Lindner.

*postscript 1: As for the photo, I met Marge Schott when I was a youth minister at a church near her Indian Hill home. It was at a convenience store where she was buying cigs and a lottery ticket. Oh Marge, that was so like you!

*postscript 2:
Following this show they started showing the life of Johnny Bench. As good of a player that guy was, he's one of the most arrogant players in Reds history. Great player, but no Pete Rose.