Working It

Every morning when I walk into work, before the sun is up, I glance over at the store next to Panera: Family Christian Store. Every morning I wonder if I should give in and try to get a job there.

I guess you could say I'm more qualified to be working there. Everything seems to point to me being qualified as their perfect employee. I mean, I have Bible college and Seminary degrees, I have all 66 books of the Bible memorized, and I have an Ichthus tattoo on my ankle [actually that could be a strike against me among the Leviticus 19:28 crowd]. But then again, I'd have to whore myself out and sell Jesus junk all day long- stuff like this- and answer questions like, "Do you have the Twila Paris CD?" Just don't think I could take that.

It's not that working at Panera is horrible. I'm thankful that I have a job that allows me this ministry flexibility [no nights and weekends]. It's just a somewhat monotonous job and you are constantly dealing with some customers who just can't be made happy. Of course, that last sentence could describe being in the ministry.

I'm not in danger of quitting anytime soon; I think I can hang on until the new year. But then again, I'm not quite sure where else I would work. I just looked at the calendar and realized I've only been with Panera for six and a half weeks. Seems like it's been a lot longer. And I'm actually starting to hit my stride. They even have me training other people now. How scary is that: there are people who are now looking at me as an old timer. Maybe it's all just growing pains.

So for about two seconds every day I glance over at Family Christian, and then I plow through the front door, put my apron on and get to work. And I thank God that I don't have to bite my tongue as people buy Joel Olsteen books.