I Am Carnivor

We grilled out tonight. Yeah, there's nothing like grilling out burgers in sub-fifty degree, rainy weather. I finally broke down and got a grill at the beginning of the summer and I've enjoyed being able to cook up a good burger once every couple of weeks. And now, with the grill just outside the front door, I might keep this up throughout the winter.

I love eating meat. Most Biblical scholars agree that meat wasn't permitted for man to eat until after Noah's flood [speaking of this, can you imagine those unfortunate Jews who never knew the pleasure of eating pig? Thank God for Peter's vision]. Not sure if I could've handled that.

Working in a more cultured part of town, I'm running into more and more vegetarians. Not quite sure I get that. I know some people are vegetarians because they want to save animals. But the entire world is never going to quit eating meat, so all this does is delay the inevitable. It's not like they let those cows free to roam the hills. Other people are vegetarians because they're against something having to die so that they can eat. But don't plants have to die too? Can't you hear the cry of innocent cucumbers calling out from the grave? Who speaks for them? Now if you're a vegetarian because of the health issues, I can respect that. But they make lean meat, don't they?

Come, my vegetarian friends: give meat a chance.