My Wife: Amazon Woman

Kelly's new book by Standard Publishing is finally out. I feel bad that it's taken me this long to post about it, but it sorta took backseat to the whole new baby thing. Kelly edited Encounters With God, a compilation of stories by teen authors in addition to interviews with Christian musicians like David Crowder. Kelly was able to interject some of her own stuff throughout the book.

I'm really proud of Kelly for this, perhaps even more proud than if she had written an entire book by herself. Many of the authors in the book were first published in Kelly's Encounter Magazine. For years she's been working with these aspiring writers to get their work seen. So not only is she a writer, but she's developing future writers. That's how you extend your influence into the future. And they've already tabbed her for a sequel!

Here's the cooler part: you can buy her book at Amazon [she's not getting royalties, so this is suggestion offers no financial impact to the House of Carr]. AS you check it out, however, I would encourage you not to click on the Kelly Carr hyperlink on the page or you'll be sent to some books by another Kelly Carr that aren't quite as . . . um, wholesome. No, that's definitely not my Kelly Carr.

Congrats, honey! It's awesome to see the result of your hard work.