Office Space

I have one more day in the office here at CCM. I've boxed up all my books and now will have to decide how to get rid of some of the junk I have no desire to take with me. Throughout this entire "moving on" process I've said it's a happy/sad transition. The emptier my office gets, the sadder it feels. One more Friday to go.

Anyway, I thought I'd take today to lift up my fellow co-workers here at Christ's Church. I've spent the last three years with them and there will certainly be a void in my life when I don't get to see them everyday anymore. I was going to give everyone an individual shout-out, but that would take way too long. So I thought I'd reminisce about some office memories by asking questions. I apologize in advance for revealing too much about life on the inside, but it'll be therapeutic.
  • Howard, would it kill you to carry your phone with you so we don't have to listen to your voicemail alert go off for two hours?
  • Micah, is the elevator broken?
  • Carol, why is the fax machine beeping?
  • Mike, do you have a phone call on line one?
  • Jessica, whose day is it to pick lunch?
  • Tom Moll, how good is our insurance?
  • Mary Jane, are you painting another room?
  • Minnie, can you help me with this postage machine?
  • Cathy, can you tell ____ you don't see me here and send them to my voicemail?
  • Max, are there any corrections to the calendar?
  • Dave, what is a pastie?
  • Art, can you take this guy's offering envelope?
  • Drew, what's wrong with me using A-sharp instead of B-flat?
  • Sarah, do you work here?
  • Lindsay, why can't I get Fiery print?
  • Nate, did I give you all my receipts?
  • Tom Dorrington, is there a way to get an email back?
  • Susan, how do you get candle wax out of the carpet?
  • Troy, did the high schoolers keep their clothes on?
  • Keith Keeran, where are you?
  • Tom Asher, who are you?

You guys have been awesome. You'll definitely be missed. I hope I will too.