I co-officiated a funeral with Howard Pauley yesterday. Of all the ministerial tasks, I would say that funerals are definitely the most bizarre. I've only been involved in five or six of them myself, barely enough to be able to form an opinion about [Howard, on the other hand, has officiated a couple hundred of funerals. Of course, he worked in a retirement village]. It's a fascinating experience. By the way, I've been fortunate these past three years to be around Howard and Tom who do amazing funeral services.

As the minister, you're included in a family's most private moment. It's a time when a family is usually totally transparent. They weep openly in front of you. I still haven't figured out all the right words to say. I guess that's how it should be. While it pains me to have to be involved in funerals, it can also be a blessing. It gives you an opportunity for spiritual conversation with people who already thinking about. True, some people shut down during these times, but most people want to talk about what happens to you when you die.

Recently I've been really thinking about funerals. Actually, I've been thinking about those who officiate funerals. If you died today, who would do your funeral? Would it be me or the minister at your home church? Would it be a long time family friend? Fortunately, most of you who read this have a long time before you have to worry about this question. But then fast forward a bit. Say I live another fifty years [shut up, it could happen]. Who does my funeral? Chances are, it's someone I haven't even met yet, or perhaps someone who isn't even born. Crazy, huh?

Like yesterday, this gentleman whose funeral we conducted, I talked to twice. Twice ever. And I was there speaking at his funeral. Some of his family members shared thoughts, but mine and Howards perspectives were based on the last couple years of this guy's life.

I'm not sure I have a point with all this, except that it makes me think about what I'm doing with my life. If I'm going to be eulogized by some shmo who barely knows me, I better get working on some good stuff for him to talk about.