Closing the door

This is the last thing I will ever do on this computer [sidenote: this has been a good computer]. When I'm done with this posting I'll walk out my office and close the door for the last time. Ironically, hanging on the back of my door is a jester's outfit I wore for a seniors banquet they had at church. I'll leave that for whoever gets in here next.

I had a great time last night, leading worship in the service I helped start. It's been awesome to get to lead worship for the past few years with a great band. What will I do without in ear monitors? And I can't believe that Saturdays will be ours again. For the past two and a half years it's been a church day. I don't think that will sink in until next week when we don't have to go. And thanks Kevin, Tim, and John for going out with me to watch Ohio State blow it verses Texas.

This afternoon we're moving in with my parents for a couple of weeks until our condo is finally completed. The good news is that they have high speed internet, so I should be able to keep on posting. But I'm not quite sure how frequently I'll be able to get stuff on the blog. So just be patient and check back here and I'll keep the thoughts flowing.

It's finally finished. I'm ready to go. See ya later.