Makin' Bread

I went to training this morning to my new job with Panera Bread. Educational tidbit #1: Panera is a morphing of the words "pan" [which means "bread"] and "era" [which means "time of"]. So "Panera" literally means "time of bread." Apparently they love their bread at Panera. In addition to trying to turn a profit, I think the company views itself as redeemers of the concept of bread in America. They believe that the mass manufacturing of bread [like Wonder Bread] has done an injustice to the product. So we're all about bread. I can dig it.

Other thoughts:
  • There's going to be more to learn at this job than I thought. I'm a pretty quick learner but I think it'll take weeks rather than days to pick up everything.
  • When guys ten years younger than me are doing my training, I know I'm ready to be humbled.
  • I had to make my name tag today. It was like art class all over again.
  • We had to watch these lame films about bread and life; I swear they could've substituted "Jesus" for "bread" and it would've been a sermon.

Honestly, I'm excited about getting started. I only work three hours on Monday, but Tuesday morning my shift starts at 5:00. It's finally starting to become real.

Pretty cool.