Mama, I'm coming home

We packed up the rest of our worldly possessions yesterday afternoon. While my Explorer is being repaired I'm driving a quad-cab Ford F-150 4x4 around; it was great for hauling our stuff. We said good-bye to the Johnson's, becoming "the people downstairs" at the Carr's.

How about this for full circle: I wake up this morning in my parent's house. It's great to know that after getting an education, establishing yourself in a career, and keeping a steady relationship [sorry babe, I know that's a cruddy way to describe seven years of marriage but that's all I've got this morning] that you can end up right back at your parents house. I hope I'm not coming across as bitter because I'm really not; I'm grateful to have family in town where we can stay while we're temporarily displaced.

No, it's not the Hilton like the Johnson house [no pool table or surround sound here] but staying here does have its perks. It's family, so you don't feel like you're imposing by being there; you just walk around like it's your place. My mother feels obligated to make sure there's a constant supply of food available for us. They even have high-speed internet access so I can wake up, check the email and blog a little.

I guess the only drawback is Taylor. This is the dog that my brother Tim bought as a pup, thinking he was so cute. By the time the golden lab grew up he became a beast. Tim gave him to my parents so he could have a place to run around. My dad absolutely loves this dog, to the point that he'll make special trips to restaurants just to by him food. Taylor sleeps in the basement, where our room is. If you wake up in the middle of the night, you're greeted by a huge dog who wants to you to play with him. I do feel bad because the vet thinks the dog has cancer. They're giving him medicines to see if it'll work.

Anyway, I'm working three hours at Panera later this morning. Then tomorrow it's a shift that starts at five in the morning. We'll see if I start missing Monday morning staff meeting anytime soon.