It's easy like . . .

Sunday morning. Or shall I call it "game day."

It's one of the strangest times of my week, so I thought I'd let you in on how it works for me. As a minister, I'm usually up early on Sundays to get to the church and prepare for what lies ahead. Late Saturday night, using between the commercials of Saturday Night Live, I get all my clothes and toiletries [yeah, I used that word] ready in our other bathroom so Kelly can sleep in. After showering and doing my make-up, I'm out of the house in about twenty minutes.

Sunday mornings is the only day of the week I take the long commute: down Montgomery to Fields Ertle to Mason Montgomery. If I were to do that trek on a weekend, it would take me twenty minutes to get to church. But I love it on Sunday because no one's there; it a ghost town. I make my obligatory stop at UDF for a Diet Coke and then park my Explorer on the street next to the church. Then comes the walk.

It's about an 150 yard walk from where I park my car to the door. Honestly, it's become one of my favorite times of my week. It's not so fun in the winter, but in the spring, summer and fall it's wonderful. The sun peeks over Western Row golf course and I get a few moments of reflection and prayer by which to clear my mind. Just me, some Canadian geese, and God as I start my day.

The church is already unlocked because Tom is the there way before anyone else., but I'm usually the second person there. Whenever he's traveling, I walk around the building and unlock doors and turn on lights. It's a big stinkin' church, so whenever I unlock, it take awhile. Then I hit my office and do a little work. Since I've been blogging, I devote some of this time to write a little. I look over my lessons for the mornings and then talk to people as they come in.

But what's fun is I usually spend the first hour of my day in silence. Not really talking to anyone, just listening- to the world, to nature, well . . . to God really. Loving the opportunity to worship Him. And I get paid for this. Life isn't too shabby at all.