I Am Softball Guy

Softball guy is the guy who has little left in life but this game. Now just because a guy loves to play softball and plays a lot, doesn't necessarily make him softball guy. Softball guy knows his batting average. Softball guy has softball specific warm-up equipment. Softball guy is able to recall different games situations in total clarity months after the fact. Friends, I'm afraid I'm this close to becoming softball guy.

Yesterday was our first co-ed softball game of the year. Yes, talking about your softball performance is one of the most pathetic things in the world and is the road that leads to softball guy, but I've still gotta break it down.

I went 2 for 3 in the game, which wouldn't be too bad, except for that one out, I struck out swinging. Yes, I struck out in softball. No one strikes out in softball. Interestingly enough, I usually strike out about twice a year, but never this early in the season. I've lamented before that I don't have the best athletic ability and sometimes I try too hard to make things happen. We were down by 12 runs and I wanted to crush one. Yet the only thing I demolished was my pride.

All things considered, I had a decent game, but I tend to dwell on the negative. I have a hard time letting go. I'll probably have to go hit the batting cages this week just so I can recover mentally. But then again, if I hit the batting cages, that means I'm taking the sport too seriously again and I'm embracing softball guy status. Oh the dilemma. What to do?

But so what if I become softball guy? I just love playing ball. Putting your glove on, running out on the grass, legging a single into a double . . . it's a great game. I suppose the older I get, the less pride I'll have to have about it, so I'm just preparing myself for the inevitable. I am softball guy in the works, so be prepared. Maybe, then, it's ironic that my current batting average is 666.

*By the way, I'd be doing her an injustice if I didn't bring up the fact that my wife took a softball to the forehead yesterday. Our shortstop has a canon for an arm and the balls he throws have some incredible movement on them. So while Kelly received the throw at first base, the ball had serious action and deflected off her glove, through her cranium. She was a trooper and wanted to finish the game, but we were down huge by that point and it wouldn't have made a difference so she sat it out. Her forehead has a nice knot on it that, fortunately, her bangs cover up. So here's to my little unicorn for being tough as iron. That's just another thing I love about her.