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I took my off day yesterday and didn't have the will to post, but I did think about this topic:

My Favorite Guitar String

There are six strings on a standard guitar: low E, A, D, G, B, and high E. It probably seems like a weird discussion, talking about my favorite string. And no, this isn't an excuse to drop: my favorite is the G-string [although ironically, this is always the string I bust when playing]. I was just thinking yesterday that without the high-E string on the guitar, I probably don't like playing as much. This isn't just nonsense- I have my reasons.

1) It's easily accessible. The main reason that most guitar players don't get past playing chords is that they're too many strings to hit. Take the six strings on the guitar, and pick a riff where you have to vacillate [big word] between the two, and it gets rather tricky. It can be difficult to play the correct string without staring at it. But if you play a riff where everything is on the E-string and you don't have to worry about other strings getting in the way; it's right there on the bottom. Plus, in fingering the note on the fingerboard, you're unobstructed by the other strings in hitting the proper fret. Any riffs I've ever played while leading worship have been on the E-string.

2) It sounds good. It might not be manly to enjoy the higher sounds on the guitar, but I do. In a band setting, you usually have a bass player, so it's not as important for people to hear your lowering string. The beauty of the instrument is found in the E-string, presenting a harp-like sound. Nice.

3) It's in the key of E. Yeah, that sounds obvious, but it's perfect. I think the key of E is the best sounding key you can play in with a guitar. When not played, it resonates well, and when you need to play it while in E, there are tons of variations you can do with it.

So if you play, let me know what your favorite string is. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only E-fan around.

Until later, take it E-Z. Get it? I slay me.