Guitar Week Over?

This is my problem in life: I'm a starter and not a finisher. I'm awesome at getting things going, but I bore easily, get distracted and leave things dangling. As committed as I was to Guitar Week, I've already found something else I wanted to talk about. So maybe I'll get back to the guitars tomorrow, but now some Bob Huggins talk.

I don't want to talk about the whole UC Basketball thing here, because most people who know me know that I'm a big Huggins guy. But yesterday I read an article by a columnist in the Cincinnati Enquirer about Huggins leaving UC. Paul Daugherty was making a point that if Huggins is fired, it's not the end of the world. Here's what he wrote:

"There was no confusion in Clifton in 1989, when UC hired Huggins. There is now. Meanwhile, what is everyone so afraid of? Chicken Little UC supporters would have you believe if Huggins leaves, the Bearcats will start scheduling home-and-home with Cincinnati Bible. Huggins is the only line of defense between UC basketball and Wednesday morning at the YMCA."

Um, yes, that was a bash on my alma mater. By the way Paul, it is no longer Cincinnati Bible, but Cincinnati Christian University. I was down at the school for a fund raising breakfast this morning and found out the David Faust, President of CCU, wrote a response to Daugherty about his comments. All I can say if, "ouch."

But I found it interesting because in that article my two worlds collided. Even though I'm a huge UC fan, I never attended class there. I still own no CCU apparel, while a Bearcat logo graces my office wall. Maybe, just maybe, one day my alma mater will be able to make Daugherty eat his words.

Or maybe I'll keep pretending I graduated from UC.