Best TV moment of the month

We're sitting here watching the Amazing Race. One of the leading teams has been a dating couple named Ron and Kelly. Kelly was a former beauty queen, and Ron fought in the Iraqi war and was taken as a prisoner of war in the conflict. Kelly begins a tirade on how Ron never finishes anything. The conversation goes as follows:

Kelly: That's your problem. You don't commit.
Ron: Sure, that's my problem. I only committed by joining the military.
Kelly: Yeah, and you found a way to get out of that.
Ron: What do you mean?
Kelly: You were a POW, so you didn't have to finish.
Ron: That was my plan all along. Get taken prisoner and be tortured so I could get out of the military.


I doubt that Kelly will be speaking for any veterans' gatherings in the near future. Hence the beauty of reality TV. People say the darndest things and we get to watch.