Rainy Days and Wednesdays . . .

I didn't go to work today. No, I'm not being rebellious. Tuesdays are my day off. Life in the ministry is a little different, having to work weekends, so I get a day off during the week to make up for it. When I was first in the ministry [the Madeira Church of Christ, in case you're wondering], I took Fridays. It was pretty cool because Kelly was finishing up at Northern Kentucky University and for one semester she didn't have classes on Fridays. And since we didn't have services on Saturdays, we were able to spend two days together without having anything to do. It was a great way to start off our marriage.

While working at Cincinnati Bible College or Cincinnati Christian University or wherever the crap I worked, I worked Mondays through Fridays which gave me the taste of how real people live. I actually had a weekend. If we wanted to run away for a Saturday and Sunday there was nothing stopping us. It was sort of liberating, but since we were heavily involved at Oak Hills Christian Church, we really didn't run away that much. But still, Friday nights were great, as the weekend was ahead of me and Sunday nights were dreadful, as the work week laid waiting.

Since I've come to CCM, I take Tuesdays off. Some people are surprised that I chose that day, but I really was just being flexible. Those staff members who have families like to take Friday to give them some kind of weekend feel, so I just picked a day the "family guys" don't take. Since all of us are in on Mondays for our staff meetings, I was left with Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Of these three days, which day did I least want to be in the office? Tuesdays.

I love Tuesdays. They're awesome. Tuesdays are my Saturdays. And Mondays are no longer bad because Mondays are my Fridays. I guess that makes Wednesdays my Mondays, but honestly they don't feel like Mondays. In case you're wondering, Thursdays still feel like Thursdays and Fridays still feel pretty Friday-ish, but not so much. And forget about Sundays- I have no idea what those are like.

So if I ask you what day of the week it is, it's not that I'm absent minded. I'm just on a different calendar.