About Kentucky . . .

WARNING: This post will get me in trouble!

Howard Pauley [our Seniors Minister], Mary Jane Burgess [our Childrens Minister] and I are heading down to Louisville tonight to see Drew Humphreys [longtime CCM intern] get ordained. Actually we're not going TO Louisville. We're going THROUGH Louisville to New Albany, Indiana. But honestly, it might as well be Louisville since it's right across the Ohio River.

Louisville is a nice city. As a University of Cincinnati fan, I have strong disdain for the Louisville Cardinals, but I'm cool with everything else down there. Interestingly enough, Kelly and my's first vacation after our honeymoon was a couple of days in Louisville checking out the interesting sights around town. There's Churchill Downs, a beautiful riverfront area, good restaurants; overall it's a cool place to be. If you're ever down there, just make sure you pronounce the city's name correctly: it's Lou-uh-ville. Seriously, the locals will respect you for it.

I'd like let those unfamiliar with Kentucky and Kentucky living in on a little secret. If I were to ask you, "In what state are Louisville and Lexington located?" you would probably answer, "Kentucky." I would then tell you that you are wrong. Louisville and Lexington might be located within the state boundaries, but they're so not Kentucky, just like Northern Kentucky is not Kentucky. Trust me, my family roots are from Kentucky, I married a Kentucky girl- I know what I'm talking about here.

Yes, there are pockets of true Kentucky within these urban areas- just visit a Wal-Mart[but then again, if you visit a Wal-Mart in Hamilton, Ohio, or even off Fields Ertel road, it'll feel like Kentucky, so that proves nothing]. Louisville and Lexington are far too refined to be considered Kentucky. These are places with the latest stores and restaurants. The people dress in the latest fashions and drive beautiful cars. There are certain stereotypes that we Northerners keep concerning Kentuckians [shoeless, toothless, mullet laden] that are completely absent from these metro areas. I SWEAR, IF YOU SAW ONE OF THEM ON THE STREET YOU WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO POINT THEM OUT BECAUSE THEY LOOK JUST LIKE US! I know I might take some grief from my in-laws and wife for stating this, but it's all meant to be a compliment. Any of you could easily pass for Northerners . . . well, except for the accents.
This isn't just mindless Kentucky bashing- I really love the Bluegrass State. I'd much rather drive through Kentucky than Indiana [don't get me started on them stinkin' Hoosiers]. I just thought it was about time that someone set the record straight. Maybe they can finally fix those geography books and claim Lexington, Louisville and Northern Kentucky as what they really are: Kentucky territories. Let's leave the designation for true Kentucky places like Maysville, Pineville, Grayson and yes- Hazard [insert General Lee Horn sound effect here].
Dang it! I forgot my passport! Guess I'll have to run home and get it before heading south.