09 March

It's been a crazy week here at the House of Carr. We're still trying to recover from things, but appreciate your prayers and support. Here are ten things for your reading pleasure.

1. Still teaching through 1 Corinthians at Echo and spoke tonight about not shooting the messenger, specifically the pastor. Didn't realize that there was a pastor who was shot and killed during a service this morning in suburban St Louis. Very tragic. I pray for that church that they might be a powerful testimony to their community.

2. Michelle Obama serves at a soup kitchen and the big news is that the poor have cell phones. Kinda ridiculous that people make a point about this. First, not all soup kitchen folk are homeless. In fact, in our community, many have places to live but can't make ends meet; because of the economy, the number of guests at the Walnut Hills Soup Kitchen is increasing. Additionally, it's actually cheaper in many instances for the poor to have cell phones instead of LAN lines. Instead of complaining about it, why not meet us at 2631 Gilbert Avenue this Saturday afternoon to help serve?

3. No fantasy football this year, but two fantasy baseball leagues. Yes, I am a geek, but I loves me some baseball.

4. Kaelyn is starting to watch Diego and Dora. Kelly and I are enjoying the diversity from her other favorite shows.

5. Less than two months to go and my marathon training is going well. It's crazy to think that I've already run over 150 miles this year. I'm gradually increasing my time, hoping I can get it in under four hours.

6. The skies appear to be ready to open a little bit. By the end of next week, I'll have wrapped up the two classes I'm teaching for CCU. Between now and early May, I have to finish a major paper and my thesis so I can graduate from Xavier. And I need to do my taxes. We'd love to squeeze in a vacation during the next few months too.

7. Sadly, our neighbors are selling their condo. But it could turn into a positive if you've ever dreamed of living next to us. You can check out their place here. I get no commission if you buy their house, but I might shovel your deck.

8. My television updates:

  • The deaf dude in The Amazing Race was a jerk tonight for the sake of impressing hot chicks. No matter who you are, the U-Turn karma is really powerful, so I think his time will come sooner than he thinks.
  • American Idol played games with my girl Tatiana. I'm not feeling the top 13??? at all, but I'm hoping Anoop can keep going back to the Bobby Brown. And although she was good during the audition stage, I'm not feeling the new judge much anymore. I wouldn't be shocked if this was a one-season experiment.
  • There's a new television series on NBC that seems to be a modern-day take on the King David narrative in the Hebrew Scriptures. Gonna have to DVR this, but I'm always somewhat skeptical with these kinds of shows.
  • I love Jimmy Fallon, but his first week at the Late Show was horrible. It must improve soon, otherwise the axe-man could come this summer.

9. Considering one of my very first posts on this blog was concerning U2, how about a brief album review here? While there are a few good songs, I'm afraid they could be hitting that point in their career where their music loses its relevancy. I'll have to give it a few more times through before I confirm that. Still, I think I'm going to make a concerted effort to get Kel and I to their next tour.

10. While it killed me that the Bearcats fell off the map at the end of the season, misery loves company and UK has been pretty miserable this year too. I'm now hoping that the organizers of the NIT decide to match the two teams up so I can wear my Cincinnati gear at Rupp Arena.