Kelly and I are sad to tell you that we have lost our baby. Obviously, we are devastated, but we are doing OK. Throughout the past couple of days, we have not felt at all alone. Not only have we felt the Lord's embrace, we have already been surrounded by family and friends to lift us up. We are blessed to know people who have experienced what we've experienced. We've seen how their faith has brought them through and are confident of the same for us.

The awkwardness surrounding this loss is now we have to inform people of it. But as we noted in the beginning, this is precisely why some people questioned our talking about it. As painful as it is to experience this, it would be far worse if we could not grieve openly. In community, our loss is your loss, and we can't deprive each other of this. This is yet another reason we give thanks for Christ and his church.

It's funny how things reemerge at times like this. During these past couple of days, I've been thinking about something that a college friend wrote almost five years ago. Crazy that something I read but once could continue to resonate within me, but I would offer that this is precisely how the Spirit of God works— through those around us. So do yourself a favor and read what he wrote about his family's loss.

Thanks for your prayers for our family.