Catching Up

I'm finally coming down from a three week marathon where we've been moving non-stop. Life is definitely good, but I enjoy it better when breathing. That said, here are some things I think you need to know:

*I stayed up to watch triple-overtime hockey last night. It goes to show you that Gary Bettman is the worst commissioner in all of sports. I'm not saying that hockey still holds the same place in American sports, but it's definitely too good to be relegated to the Verses network.

*Speaking of hockey, the Cincinnati Cyclones are coming home 3 games to 2 verses Las Vegas, poised to bring our city it's first sports championship in eighteen years. I guess that's good news.

*A little late here, but how about Journey's new lead singer? The last guy they had sounded a lot like Steve Perry but the new guy is a dead ringer. Oh, and the new guy's a Filipino who speaks broken English. I guess this just proves that we're all replaceable.

*They might close down Western Bowl and put in a strip mall. Yep, the end of the world is at hand. To me, Western Bowl is the westside. The even more important question is: whatever happened to Doc Holliday's [I realize these comments are irrelevant to non-Westsiders, but Google it and see what you come up with]?

*The governor is hosting a state-wide Cornhole tourney and not coming to Cincinnati. Even more Westside outrage.

*I'm thinking Hillary will be out of the race by Thursday. I just can't see her admitting defeat tonight [following the final two primaries] or the day after.

*I guess Chad Johnson is going to play this year. I'm sure that'll work out.

*Euro 2008 starts next week. I'm disappointed that England didn't qualify, but will still watch some of the games. Tough to predict the outcome, but I'm thinking Portugal over Germany.

*Quick story: had the Carr Electric HVAC unit out yesterday to recharge the heat pump. Our neighbor's fan motor had locked up this weekend, so I had them look at ours to in order to combine trips. The neighbor collects snakes and keeps them in the laundry room and, when I went with the tech to check out their furnace, his wife informed me that she couldn't find one of them. I'm not Indiana Jones or nothing but it freaked me out, especially considering that our condos share a wall. Upon further inspection the snake was hiding incredibly well in his cage and I didn't die.

*And thinking about this incident yesterday made me think of this. Thanks, John. It's still fun.