Lower Your Pitchfork

So the Dems are seating half the delegates from Michigan and Florida at their convention. Now there can be peace, eh? No way.

Many Floridians and Michiganders Floridians and Michiganders who support Hillary are still ticked that their votes won't be fully counted. Continued references to the 2000 election and even the recent Zimbabwe election can appear to be apt, but they actually are not.

First, this is a party issue. If Hillary supporters really want to take out their anger, it shouldn't be directed toward Obama. It should vented towards Howard Dean and party leadership. Additionally, vent some of that frustration towards your candidate as she figured out how to come-from-ahead and lose a dominating lead. And he hypocrisy concerning the Florida/Michigan elections the first time around didn't help her today.

Second, these people complaining that they didn't even want an early election are responsible even if they don't think they are. They're living in a representative-democratic state and selected the men and women who decided on this early primary. That's America. If you haven't gotten used to it yet, there are a couple hundred other countries you could choose from.

Additionally, I would be shocked if this proportioned delegate/superdelegate system still exists in 2012. It's once again made the Democratic party look ridiculous. In what should be an absolute lay-up election, they're giving the Republicans a head-start towards the White House.

I'm still not convinced Obama will be able to beat McCain.