Let's Get Ready To Rumble!

As if up till now wasn't enough, now it's really on. Even though Obama has enough delegates for the Democratic nomination, Hillary gave her speech tonight without officially conceding. Like I said this morning, I still think it'll happen on Thursday. And as for the Hillary as VP scenario, I would be absolutely shocked if she was on the ticket.

Regardless, we're now set up for the Obama/McCain showdown that will be absolutely fascinating [especially if McCain selects Bobby Jindal as his running mate]. The next few months will be an incredibly polarizing time but hopefully, somewhere in the middle of the mayhem, actual issues will be discussed.

Before we get too far removed, I have to mention a well-publicized sermon from over a week ago. Catholic priest Michael Pfleger insulted Hillary from the Trinity United Church of Christ pulpit, ultimately forcing Obama to sever ties with the congregation.

I was familiar with Pfleger, a hard-working priest serving neglected urban parishes on Chicago's southside. A few months ago he rather articulately and intelligently pwnd a Fox News reporter trying to rip Reverend Wright. His appearance at Trinity did not come across as either articulate or intelligent, but more like cheap entertainment Watch the two videos and see how is pulpit demeanor makes him seem like a totally different person. It's sad because Pfleger's unheralded pastoral ministry to impoverished Chicagoans is now completely overlooked because he was caught up in a moment. It's a good reminder as a preacher that I need to be very careful of the words I utter from the pulpit.

Additionally, as my friend Aaron and I were discussing this situation, he made an observation concerning Christianity in America. He stated that the media used to think that only conservative Christians made controversial, incendiary statements. This presidential campaign has shown that both liberal and conservative Christians will profess views that the general public find offensive.

Anyway, the reason I brought all this up was something I discovered in my class at Xavier last night. Apparently our professor admitted that he actually taught Pfleger in seminary; so the guy who taught him is now teaching me.

Not sure if any of my sermons will factor into this year's presidential campaign. I'm going to try to stay out of it.