It's All Crap

Three posts in one day. Obviously, I have a lot on my mind. I had to laugh today as our worship of the environmental god continued to expand with a study examing America's carbon footprint. I imagine as certain mythological aspects of global warming begin to melt away we'll need a new goal to work towards and the mastering of the carbon footprint appears to be the heir apparent.

The reason for my increased skepticism is the results of the aforementioned carbon footprint study. While Honolulu was lauded as the country's best city, second place was a little surprising: Los Angeles. Couple that shock with what was determined to be the worst city in this category [LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY], and the legitimacy of this analysis becomes a joke.

I have been to L.A.. And I have been [once or twice] to Lexington, Kentucky. I'm not quite sure I would have placed those two towns at those ends of the spectrum.

I know some of you will respond that I'm misinterpreting the study, such as that it averages out the impact among each of the cities' inhabitants, or that carbon footprints take into account issues such as  energy consumption and emissions while factoring the benefits of things like public transit, but I really don't care. The stuff that environmentalists are urging us to care about continues to become more and more ridiculous.

Again, I'm all for being good stewards of this beautiful world but if you wholeheartedly believed in the movement that it needs to be saved, you'd be living in a field somewhere, eating off the ground, and not taking advantage of the modern conveniences that continue to contribute to the destruction of our planet.