The House of Politics

Not that anyone cares, a few notes about yesterday's election:

  1. How about Ohio once again screwing up an election? The Secretary of State predicts the biggest primary turn-out ever and we don't have enough ballots? I'm sorta glad this happened in a Democratic administration because of all the grief they gave Ohio S.O.S. Ken Blackwell a few years ago when he oversaw a cluster. I think it shows that both parties have the potential to screw up royally.
  2. With all the technology in the world, we're back to using Scantron ballots. But they give you a ballpoint pen to color in a large square. I think I'll bring a Sharpie into the booth this November.
  3. Not surprised Clinton won in Ohio, but I thought Obama would win Texas. There's now no doubt that this thing is going to the convention and it'll get brutal. Sidenote: I stayed up to watch all the speeches last night and I definitely thought Hillary bested Barack last night. If she gets better at her speeches, can Obama use the "just words" accusation on her?
  4. So McCain cozied up to Bush today for an endorsement. This guy is either totally crazy or absolutely brilliant [it reminded me of a scene from the movie Clear and Present Danger. Anyone?]. Again, if the Dems can't win the White House under these circumstances, I say, "Bring back the Whigs!"
  5. I can't believe Brett Favre dropped out of the race. Maybe he'll come back again and run third party.
  6. Finally, I have to point out the biggest surprise from yesterday. Before we voted I told Kelly, "there's no way the school levy passes." But by the slimmest of margins, it actually was approved! I think SWIND correctly analyzed this event by crediting the high Democratic turnout to the success, but it makes you wonder if there's anyway they'll ever be able to pass another one.

Even though it seems insane, I'm going to hold to my prediction that the contentious Democratic selection process will give McCain the presidency by default. And if he can do it with George W. actively campaigning for him, then he is a genius.