Faith and Doubt

We had our Theology Pub tonight, and our men began a study of a new book by Tim Keller out of NYC called The Reason For God. It appears to be a stellar read and I might even start a Blogger blog to detail some different aspects of our study.The thrust of the book is that there are indeed some definitive reasons for doubting the existence of God that Christians should struggle with; yet, conversely, there are very many reasons that support the existence of God that skeptics need to acknowledge.

Our conversation tonight was enlightening, perhaps a little liberating. It always makes you feel good to be able to admit in a safe place that you have doubts.

Even as a pastor, I have moments of doubt about my faith. [if you're a Christian and you don't, then I would suggest you either stop lying or see a mental health specialist]. But at the end of the day, I inevitably return to the side of faith.

It's a little deeper read, but I'd suggest picking up a copy.