Are Cities Getting Screwed?

It's an honest question. One of the things I've noticed living next to Eden Park is how many people from the 'burbs to enjoy it for free. I don't have a problem with that but I do when those same people who consume the greatness of our city insult it for being dangerous and despicable.

This article in the Boston Globe, written by a PhD from Harvard, notes that urban areas are participating on an uneven playing field than suburbs, forced to deal directly with poverty and environmental issues created by suburban sprawl. For instance, Dr Glaesar asserts,

"Urban poverty does not reflect urban failure, but rather the enduring appeal of cities to the less fortunate. Poor people come to cities because urban areas offer economic opportunity, better social services, and the chance to get by without an automobile. Yet the sheer numbers of urban poor make it more costly to provide basic city services, like education and safety, and those costs are borne by the city's more prosperous residents."

There's a lot I could add here but I'll refrain and open it up to see if you guys have any thoughts. HT: CityKin