Thought Thread: Happy

[1] Does Manual Labor Boost Happiness?
Yes, says this research from these neuroscientists.

[2] The Downside of Being Happy
Research shows that a little sadness can fuel your creativity.

[3] How Goldfish Crackers Took Over the World
I still snack on these things so this article warmed my heart.

[4] My Thoughts: Black Friday, Bright Sunday
I wrote this post a couple of years ago about finding happiness in a dark time.  

[5] Free Sermon: Pleasure is Meaningless
Another message about meaninglessness from the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes.

[6] Book Recommendation: Trend Following
While this book is primarily about investing, it has some great tidbits/quotes for broader audiences. Here are some quotes to introduce you to it.

[7] Media Recommendation: Happiness is a Coke?
This short Valentine's video shows that love can be its own currency.

Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash