Thought Thread: Depth

[1] The Genius of Learning
This unique presentation of a MacArthur Fellow's research reminds us to not overthink it.

[2] See Things From a Managers’ Perspective
A Silicon Valley engineer provides a deeper view of leadership.

[3] Repair Is as Important as Innovation
We're a culture that worships the new, but maintenance will be just as critical in the future.

[4] My Thoughts: Past, Present, & Future of the Movement
The Christian Standard is publishing a three-part series on my Restoration Movement thoughts.

[5] Free Sermon: Wisdom is Meaningless
Continuing through the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes (from Ecclesiastes 1:4-18).

[6] Book Recommendation: Thinking in Bets
Poker champion Annie Duke reveals how educated decision making influenced her craft. Try out some quotes from the book.

[7] Media Recommendation: High-Yield vs. In-Depth Learning
While this isn't a well-produced video, I was fascinated to hear how a doctor explained a philosophy of studying for medical students. It's a deeper cut, but still interesting.

Photo by Thomas Kelley on Unsplash