Thought Thread: Free

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How Radical Transparency Kills Stress
Or as En Vogue taught us, "free your mind, and the rest will follow."

The Price of Free is Actually Too High
As much as we love no-cost digital services, they still come with a price. 

This Article Won't Change your Mind
A longer read about cognitive dissonance. Something for communicators to consider.

My Thoughts: Five Forces of the Restoration Movement (FUTURE)
The final installment on my series about my tribe looks forward to what lies ahead.

BOOK: Is God A Mathematician?
This isn't everyone's flavor, but this secularist's view of math ponders if there's something bigger behind the discipline. For some quotes from this book, click here.

SONG: Free Fallin'
The Tom Petty song is legendary. Like most songs, it was just thrown together. 

The next sermon in a series on the Ten Commandments. When you steal, you're not getting something for nothing.

CLICK HERE to download a PDF transcript of Commandment Eight

A few notes: 
1. All Scriptures are taken from the New International Version
2. The Smyth and Helwys Exodus Commentary by William Johnstone is the source of exegetical content in this series. 
3. Feel free to customize the message for your audience. Since these sermons are heavier on commentary, there is no need to attribute the content.  

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Photo by Jules Marchioni on Unsplash